A Few of My Favorite Things: Mix Tape Edition

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A while back, whilst riding around town with my fellow, I asked him what CDs were in the player. He shrugged. “I don’t know that I’ve ever put a CD in here.” (And yet, according to the display there were three. He’s had the car for almost two years, so that was amusing.) So eject was pushed, and out popped 3 CDs. One of them was a generic CD with Sharpie labeling that read, “To Anna with Love.”

I am the sort of goober who loves a) any gift where love and thought are the primary ingredients, and b) a good love story… so of course we had to listen to it.  As I recall, whoever loved Anna had pretty good tastes in music and my fellow and I very much enjoyed the impromptu concert.

Recently, said fellow was having a rough week. Due to the distance between our respective houses and the craziness of our respective weeks, we couldn’t get together in person until the weekend. Remembering how much we both enjoyed Anna’s mixtape, I decided to do the same. (However, I went “new school” and employed Spotify, so I could just text it to him, instead of waiting for songs to come on the radio.)

Each song had a special meaning. I sang Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” to him at Karaoke, before either of us had said, “I love you.” I was in a serious Ed Sheeran phase when we started dating, and have always considered “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” Our Song. “In Your Eyes” might have been a little clichéd, but 1000% appropriate for a mixtape entitled “To Trevor with Love”. 😉 

Just like he and I enjoyed “To Anna with Love” I hope you enjoy our mix tape. 

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A Few of My Favorite Things

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