Who Am I?

Me: “Welcome! My name is Liz and I’m a romance author.”

Crowd replies: “Hi, Liz!”

Wait! This isn’t Romance Writers Anonymous! I’m thrilled that I get to write transformational  small town stories of hope, family, and forgiveness about women who find their inner power and the men who love them (and where nearly everyone is a great cook!). I wrote my first romance in the 4th grade, and this has been a life-time dream! My Sudden Falls series currently has 10 books (Book #10, Babies & Brownies is coming in March!). They can be read in any order, though there are some loosely tied stories within the family groups, and characters you’ve met in previous books show up in later books. 

I’m a big fan of transformation. I LOVE before & after photos, whether it’s home remodels on HGTV, hair & makeup makeovers, or weight loss before and afters. (Which may be why I change my hair color so very often) 😀 My own story of transformation began in 2013 when I underwent weight loss surgery, changed my diet, started exercising, lost over 100 pounds, and then ran a 10K race and a canoe/run/bike triathlon. 

I now lead monthly 21-day online challenges, inspiring and encouraging others to embrace their own personal transformations. Click here if you’re interested in joining a 21-day challenge!  They start the first Monday of every month!

It is my personal opinion that we find true joy in putting beauty, veracity and joy into the universe for others. In a world where it’s sometimes difficult to find positivity and truth, I strive to pepper my website and social media with happy thoughts, and brutal honesty.

When I’m not writing, speaking, or inspiring transformation, I can be found in my kitchen making tasty meals for family and friends, or hunkered in my office in designing websites and other creative media for clients of Spark Creative Partners, a creative and ad agency for authors, small businesses, restaurants. I’m a big fan of art in many forms. Here’s a little display of some of my pretties

I live in southwestern Ohio with the light of my life (my 6-year-old son), my momma, a couple of crazy and poorly behaved dogs, and near to a cast of characters that keeps my life happy and full.

You can find me all around the internet, but specifically here:

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