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Polymer Clay Jewelry

I discovered all the pretties I could make out of polymer clay a while back, and I’ve since become a compulsive jewelry maker.  I love how the combinations of colors and textures can mimic real stones, and I find the tactile sensation of working the clay is really good for my mental clarity.

All the Yarns

I am one of those people for whom the amount of yarn I own is greater than the amount of stitches that I could possibly make in my life time.  Note: this does not stop me from regularly racing to the craft store or yarn shop for more.  I am a faster knitter than I am crochet-er, however, I generally complete more interesting projects with crochet.  I’m terrible at reading patterns, (there are those who might explain this phenomenon by noting I just don’t want to be told what to do ~cough~Mom~cough~ 😉 But once someone translates it for me, I’m usually good to go!)


I’m amazing at completing a quilt top in a record amount of time.  I’m… less awesome at getting the things quilted and finished (as evidenced by the stacks of mostly-finished quilts in my craft room.) I made the quilt to the left for my fellow last year for Christmas. (I suspect I’ll finish quilting it and actually GIVE it to him this year.)


I’ve been a compulsive doodler since before I can remember.  However, discovering that DOODLING could become ART required that I buy up an entirely new department of my craft store. 🙂

Mural Painting

Having a child with an active imagination, has made room decor extra fun. His current bedroom has a pirate theme (you can see my wee pirate on his bed) but his previous room had a dragons & knight theme (complete with castle walls) and I painted his room at his father’s house with a batman theme.

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