Blowing Jack’s Cover

About the Book

Testosterone. Brass Knuckles. Glitter.

Hard-edged, trash-talking DEA agent Jack Redmond is willing to do anything to uncover a mob-led drug ring, even go undercover as an out-and-proud bartender who’s everyone’s friend. Then he meets Marissa Vallatigno, the suspected weak link in the mob ring, and it’s all he can do to keep his hands off her.  

Not cool.

Endlessly accommodating Marissa owes everything to her uncle who’s groomed her to manage his multi-million-dollar bar & restaurant empire. Nothing – especially a gorgeous bartender with questionable sexual orientation – is going to cause her to let her uncle down. But when Marissa learns the truth about her uncle’s business partners and about Jack’s undercover assignment, she’s had it with playing good girl. She needs to save her uncle from a very real threat, and she needs Jack—the real Jack—to help her do it.

Marissa may have perfected the art of playing it safe, but nothing proves as satisfying as Blowing Jack’s Cover.

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