Cowboys & Cupcakes

About the Book

There’s nothing sweeter than a secret crush…

Country music’s current rising star, Cade Switzer has the world on a guitar string, and he knows it. But the constant pressures and demands of his life fade away after he reconnects with a former high school classmate whom he helps out at one of his concerts. When the funny, sweet Jane Starzmann writes to thank him, Cade doesn’t let his assistant answer the fan mail as usual…he does.  

Only problem? Jane still thinks she’s writing to his assistant.

Pastry chef Jane Starzmann has never dated or left the safety of her hometown of Sudden Falls. Then she starts corresponding with hometown hero Cade Switzer’s assistant, and sets out changing her life with her pen pal’s staunch encouragement. When Cade finally decides to come clean, will Jane ever forgive him for misleading her? Or will he lose the one real friend he’s ever had?

Love makes for a perfect recipe…when two hearts go together like Cowboys and Cupcakes.

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