Hide and Seek

About the Book

Journalist Claire Kennedy is a master of over-preparation—in her job and every other aspect of her life. But no amount of Discovery channel binge-watching, gritty suspense novels, Dummies books on spy tricks or primitive survivalist research could prepare her for the disaster her life has become. After her television station shuts its doors, her boyfriend dumps her and her apartment gets slated for demolition, Claire snaps. When her best friend offers her a “girls only” vacation, she jumps at the chance… realizing too late that the cruise is for singles, and her best friend has somehow missed the boat.

FBI Agent, Rey Rodriguez is all over his latest assignment to locate a missing DEA Agent and take down a drug ring, more than happy to put business before pleasure. He’s not here for the ladies, not even the cool-as-a-cucumber (and criminally uptight) Claire. She looks like a woman in need of rescue, and Rey gave up rescuing damsels as his New Year’s Resolution…  But looks can be deceiving.

When gun wielding drug runners attack their tender boat off the coast of Mexico and start rounding up passengers as hostages, Claire seizes the day–and the life ring–and heads overboard. Though the move is unexpected, Rey realizes his best chance at taking out the runners is to follow her, circling back to take the criminals by surprise. But life on the run in the Yucatan Jungle is more dangerous than even he expects, and Rey and Claire soon find themselves caught up in a deadly game of HIDE AND SEEK… one there’s no guarantee they’ll survive.

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