Lights. Camera. Marriage!

About the Book

“Join the cast of Lights. Camera. Marriage! where twenty men compete for the hand of one woman, and the last man standing gets live with her in front of the cameras as man and wife—a million dollars richer! Just one caveat…America gets to choose!”

This was supposed to be a fake romance. Fake.

Author Jay Sinclair has a plan: finish his newest spy book, appease his PR people, and spend a year traveling. Then his TV producer brother begs him help him fill the roster on a reality TV Bachelorette-style show. Jay will do anything to help his brother…but this is pushing it. Especially when he meets his prospective bride.  

And catches himself falling for her. Not gonna happen.

A self-described loser-at-love, sign language interpreter, Sophie Redmond decides to put her heart in fate’s hands. Worst case scenario: she ends up with enough money to start her own school for deaf children. Best case…same. She knows herself too well to hope otherwise. Not even the sexy, surly, infuriating Jay Sinclair can hold her attention for long. No, really…

Turns out, love has a way of writing its own script when it comes to Lights. Camera. Marriage!

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