Promises & Piña Coladas

About the Book

She promised she’d be there for him, always. He just didn’t expect to want her so much.

Ben Danforth’s always known what he wanted: round-the-world travel, a fantastic career, a high-rise in New York to call home. But he never forgot the promise his college bestie made to him over a particularly wicked pitcher of Piña Coladas: no matter what, she’d be there for him.

It’s time to put that promise to the test.

Home-town-loving free spirit Annie Tremont is more than happy to open her door to Ben, in town and desperate for someplace to crash as he’s on a killer assignment for his job. But neither of them are prepared for the cool, sweet rush of passion that sets their world spinning…or for a friends-to-lovers romance as sweet and unforgettable as Promises and Pina Coladas.

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