Trouble in Sudden Falls

About the Book

Hacker. Player. Loner… Dad?

Professional hacker Eli Redmond finally has his life working exactly according to plan. Then he wakes up. His high school girlfriend shows up outta nowhere to drop off a seventeen-year-old boy…who’s apparently the son Eli never knew he had. His best friend Maddie is back in town and more heart-crushingly beautiful than ever, but treats him like Kryptonite due to his smooth-talking past. And his son wants nothing to do with him.


Maddie Callaghan is dealing with her own problems. After her life implodes in spectacular fashion, she’s back in Sudden Falls—facing the town that abandoned her over her high-school mistakes, the lifetime crush who she can’t stop wanting even though she knows she can never trust him—and the challenge of making a small shop profitable in six months…or she’s out on her tail. Again.

Nobody ever said that love would be easy…but no one ever planned on this much Trouble in Sudden Falls.  

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