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Profiles in Positivity: Linda Ann Schofield

Posted Dec 5 2018 in

My mom, Linda Ann Schofield has a bachelor’s degree (English) and two masters degrees (English & Educational Media).  She spent most of her career as a teacher and High School Librarian.  She was the 2012 Ohio Poet of the Year.  She won this award with her poetry collection, “Psalms of the Hood”, which details (in poetic form) my sister’s first teaching job at an inner-city school. This collection never fails to make me sob like a colicky baby. 

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Profiles in Positivity: Sara Roark

Posted Nov 21 2018 in

Everyone had one growing up… a favorite teacher. If you were lucky (and I was) you had several. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Barra, was kind and lovely and helped me learn to read. My ninth grade English teacher, Mr. Schwartz, taught me to enjoy real literature (and always asked his students to take out a “slice of paper”). My college biology professor, Dr. Killian awarded me the “most improved student” award after our second test (a 2-liter bottle of Kroger’s “Dr. K.” soda) taught me to love learning and the essentials of chemiosmotic phosphorylation.

I have it on good authority that my sister, Sara Roark, is one of those teachers who falls into that “favorite” category for many many students. I know this because we’re friends on Facebook, and students she taught a dozen years ago still regularly pop up on her wall to tell her how much she affected their lives and many of them still call her “Momma Roark”.

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