What’s this Website Reboot About?

I tend to re-vamp my website pretty regularly — the benefit [hazard?!] of being a web designer.  However, I believe this particular reboot is extra special enough to warrant a brief discussion about it.

There is currently a lot of hate and negativity in this world. For the last few months between the political landscape, the loss of civility both in person and online, I’ve been grappling with a fair amount of despair. And then, for about a week, I posted something uplifting on Facebook every day. The first couple of days because I stumbled upon stuff that moved me. The last few because I was actively looking for positivity.

As it turns out, in looking for positivity, I felt more positive. Less angsty. Putting joy into the universe brought joy back to me.

I have been, for most of my adult life, a “glass is half full” kind of gal. My attitude has occasionally been likened to “Bunnies and beribboned birdies singing Disney songs under rainbow skies.” So it occurred to me… what if I pushed happiness into the world for more than a week, and in a more meaningful way than posting a few memes on Facebook?

And so this new site was born. I hope that my words and thoughts, my process of finding joy and pushing out negativity will be meaningful to the people who stumble upon it. Please feel free to comment on and share the content that you find  relevant to you. 

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